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Remote work survey

Understand whether your remote employees feel connected and supported.

How to ensure remote employees feel connected with the company

With this remote work survey template, you can understand whether your remote employees feel connected and supported.

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Remote work is here to stay. But while many employees are thriving, it's a difficult transition for some. Often, remote employees struggle with isolation, asynchronous collaboration, and the inability to "unplug." It's important for HR teams to understand how these issues affect employee experience and productivity. Surveying remote employees is a quick way to collect important feedback.

With this survey Recipe, you'll be able to understand whether your remote employees are sufficiently supported, satisfied with their jobs, engaged with company culture, and more. You can take this information and improve your remote-work support program, ensuring that every employee is set up to perform—and feel—their best.

Want this survey to be anonymous? As with all our survey Recipes, you can customize this template to your exact needs.

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