The top 5 ways to automate your onboarding checklist


Mar 18, 2022

Onboarding matters. From work authorizations and open enrollment, to helping new employees transition into their roles, the onboarding experience sets the stage for how a new employee views your company. A recent survey commissioned by Rippling found that 8 in 10 remote and hybrid workers believe they can predict whether they’ll like a new job based on the onboarding process. 

Unfortunately, the enormous importance of onboarding comes with time-consuming tedium. Too often, your HR team is stuck wading through a long checklist of "chores" for every single new hire. The status quo of checklist after checklist, much of it including manual data entry, is inefficient drudgery that pains both HR pros and new employees.

There is a better way. We call it Rippling Workflow Automator, and it’s built to make the onboarding for HR teams and new employees—dare we say—fun. It simplifies and automates your onboarding checklist by triggering alerts and actions off of any data you have within Rippling. This automation saves hours of manual work and ensures that your employees have the best possible onboarding experience. 

Here are the top 5 workflows Rippling customers use to improve their onboarding process. 

1. Automatically send welcome emails one week before the start date 

Automate new hire welcome emails to share important first-day details. For in-office and hybrid employees, you should share details like WiFi information, parking regulations and locations, and building access protocols. For remote employees, it is important to communicate device access logins and details, training resources, brand guidelines, and org charts.

2. Automatically send a notification when a new hire’s device has not yet shipped

Stay ahead of delivery delays, and make arrangements when needed. Automatically send a notification to a manager, IT admin—or whoever else you’d like—when an new hire’s device delivery is delayed.  

3. Create a reminder event to communicate benefits enrollment deadlines 

When an employee has an upcoming benefits enrollment deadline, you can automatically add a block on their calendar to remind them when it’s due. This automation saves you the hassle of reminding them personally, and, more importantly, it ensures they don’t miss out or wind up auto-enrolled. 

4. When a candidate accepts their offer, send a notification to their soon to be teammates 

Keep everyone in the loop and encourage team spirit right out of the gate. When a candidate accepts their offer, Rippling can automatically send a notification (through Slack or email) to their soon-to-be team, prompting them to reach out to their newest teammate with a warm welcome and prepare anything they’ll need to jump right into their role. 

5. Send a notification when a new hire hasn’t received their work authorization 

Keep your hiring manager aware of delays with their new hire’s authorization, which can cause delays in their start date and onboarding process.

Deliver a superior onboarding experience through intelligent automation 

Automating your onboarding process ensures that your new hires get everything they need, exactly when they need it. It also means less stress for your HR admins and managers—and less room for human error. 
If you’re already a Rippling customer, we have a Getting Started Guide where you can read step-by-step instructions on how to set up all types of workflows. If not, and you’re interested in learning more about workflows, schedule a demo with our team today.

last edited: March 26, 2024

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