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Check out our COVID-19 Resource Center for the latest on government relief programs, product updates, and more.
Rippling for Brokers

HR software that works with
brokers, not against them

You know how to serve your clients best. We know how to build
best-in-class software. Let’s team up and win more clients, together.


We received your request to partner with Rippling. A Rippling advisor will contact you soon at:

G2 Crowd #1 Rated Core HR and IT

G2 Crowd #1 Rated
Core HR and IT

PC Mag Editor’s Choice 2019

PC Mag Editor’s Choice

4.9 star rating on <strong>Software Advice</strong>

4.9 star rating on
Software Advice

4.9 star rating on <strong>G2 Crowd</strong>

4.9 star rating on
G2 Crowd

4.9 star rating on <strong>Capterra</strong>

4.9 star rating on

Partner with Rippling and Get:

10% off Rippling for your clients

Broker partners

  • Dedicated Rippling partner advisor
  • Sales enablement resources
  • Special pricing for your groups
  • Clients get 50% off ben-admin

Premier broker partners

  • Get every broker partner benefit
  • Specialized producer training
  • Listing on Rippling broker page
  • Preferred pricing
  • Clients get ben-admin included

Win more deals

Clients want your high-touch service, but also a modern, all-in-one HR system for managing payroll, benefits, and more. By offering Rippling to potential clients, they don’t have to compromise, and you don’t have to risk losing them to digital brokers or PEOs

Set up open enrollment for clients in 45 minutes

Manage, configure, and kick off open enrollment for each of your clients before they can say “Certified Broker Partner”.

Manage all your clients in one dashboard

Rippling centralizes your client management. You can enter and view employee data, check enrollment statuses, generate quotes, and more. All in one place.

Automate your ACA and COBRA work

Rippling actually does your benefits compliance work for you—from delivering ACA notices to collecting and submitting employee COBRA payments.


What others say

“Rippling saved us a boatload of money on infrastructure in the first month we switched. That's just one of the many reasons we still use it.”

Dan, CFO
New York

“It's easy to set up multiple layers of control and access to sensitive data.”

Kevin, Director of IT

“Perfect IT + HR integration and onboarding tool. The integrations across every app that we use can be added or terminated for any employee with one click. It's life changing.”

Evan, CTO