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April 25, 2023

We’re excited to announce that Rippling is now an official Apple Authorized Reseller, which is a total game changer for all of our customers that use Rippling Device Management to order, ship, and manage their employees’ computers.

When we first launched Rippling Device Management back in 2017, we partnered with third-party resellers to handle all of the billing and fulfillment, which limited our ability to create a truly exceptional customer experience.

For example:

  • Limited hardware options? We wish we could offer more!
  • Shipping delay? It was outside of our control. 
  • Device on backorder? Your guess was as good as ours.

By cutting out the middleman and ordering devices directly, Rippling can now offer more hardware options, ship out orders faster, and provide more precise tracking information.

Track every order in real-time, every step of the way

We can now provide more up-to-date information on your device purchases and deliveries. You can see exactly when a device has shipped, its transit progress, and the moment your company admin or employee receives the device. You can even view all of your historical invoices right in Rippling, thanks to our new consolidated billing feature.

More devices in stock + fewer surprises = happier employees

You can now see if a device is available or backordered right in Rippling. More importantly, we’ll be able to dramatically increase the reliability of our inventory and ensure that the vast majority of hardware in our store is in stock at all times. This way, you and your hiring managers can order computers for new employees and be confident that they’ll receive them on time, every time, so they’re always ready to go on Day 1.

In addition to Apple, we’ve secured reseller agreements with other manufacturers such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Microsoft. More vendors means more choice, and more choice means happier Rippling customers.

Ready for a better way to order and manage your employees' computers?

Then check out Rippling Device Management—the world's easiest way to remotely order, ship, secure, and manage everything from your employees' laptops to monitors.

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