Password Management,
Built Just For Teams

RPass is the most secure way for teams to store and share their passwords. So go ahead, share the Twitter login with Jane in Marketing. It’s safe.


Securely Store, Share & Disable Logins

With RPass, your team can securely store and share their login credentials, right in their browser. And when employees leave, RPass auto-revokes their access, so you never have to wonder “Did I turn off their account?”
Securely Store, Share & Disable Logins

Log In Anywhere,
Autofill Everywhere

With the RPass Mobile app, your passwords are always just a touch away. You don’t even have to open the app — Autofill recognizes sites you’ve saved in RPass, and asks if you’d like to log in.
Log In Anywhere,<br />Autofill Everywhere

Create Passwords
Stronger Than “PASSWORD”

Employees can instantly create (and store) strong passwords, based on password requirements you define, like password length. The bad guys won’t know what to do.
Create Passwords<br />Stronger Than “PASSWORD”

Zero Knowledge =
Zero Security Risks

Every password is encrypted and stored in a zero-knowledge vault without any decryption keys inside, so no one — not even Rippling — can view your unencrypted passwords.
Zero Knowledge =<br />Zero Security Risks

Simpler, But Also
More Secure. See Why.

Read the ins-and-outs of RPass, Password Management software built just businesses.
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Simpler, But Also<br />More Secure. See Why.
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