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Employee computers, apps, security, and more — Rippling simplifies all of your IT admin work, so you can focus on your mission. We’re like the Q to your James Bond. The Alfred to your Batman.

Set up Rippling
Computer Management
Should we enforce
Hard Drive encryption on employee computers?
Should Rippling require employees to set up a password on their work computer?
Yes, require
No, don't
What's the minimum password length you'd like to enforce?
Should Rippling require that passwords require at least one letter and one number?
Yes, require at
least one letter
and one number
No, don't
require letters
and numbers
Which employees should get Microsoft Excel 2016?
Finance Department (6 ppl)
Which employees should get Sketch?
Design Department (4 ppl)
Which employees should get GSuite?
Full-time, salaried, W2 employees
Part-time, salaried, W2 employees
Hourly W2 employees
Temporary employees such as interns
Which employees should get Salesforce?
Full-time, salaried, W2 employees
in the
Sales department
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One Modern, Secure System For:


Add employees to — or remove them from — all the apps your company uses. Instantly.


Give your team a single, secure portal to log into all of their apps, in just 1-click.


The easiest, most secure way for teams to store and share their passwords.


Order, set up, protect, and manage all of your company’s devices— from laptops to monitors.

Be a Change Agent,
Not a Support Agent

Stop wasting time on help tickets, and start transforming the business, with an All-in-One IT platform that gives you the power to automate even the most complex IT admin work.
Be a Change Agent,<br />Not a Support Agent

Ensure Your Company
Is Never Compromised

No business Is safe from bad actors, whether you have 10 or 10,000 people. Fortunately, Rippling has end-point security tools built-in, like password policy enforcement, HDD encryption, and multi-factor authentication.
Ensure Your Company<br />Is Never Compromised

Get Total Visibility
Into Your Employee’s
Apps & Devices

With Rippling, you’re in total control of every possible risk factor. You can remotely track employee’s devices, apps, security statuses, permissions, event logs, and more — all from one dashboard.
Get Total Visibility<br />Into Your Employee’s<br />Apps & Devices

Power for Admins,
Simplicity for All

Our intuitive UX allows anyone at your company to handle simple IT admin work, like installing software for new hires, so you can focus on the hard stuff. You don’t even need to warn them about any big red buttons.
Power for Admins,<br />Simplicity for All

With Rippling, You Can Onboard New Hires in 90-Seconds. Literally.

Hiring Jane Smith
Order Computer
Install Software
Encrypt HDD
Create E-mail Account
Add to Slack, Office 365, etc.
Configure Single Sign-On
Setup Password Manager
Badge Access for Office Door

HR + IT Means Everything Just...Works.

Because everything is connected to one, always-accurate employee system of record, you don’t have to constantly update rules and employee information. Rippling just works, right out-of-the-box, based on your team’s titles, departments, roles, and locations.

Be Up-and-Running in 2 Weeks or Less.

We get it…most HR systems take months to deploy. We don’t. Here’s why.


We Export Your Data

Our team helps export all your existing employee data, so you can sit back and relax.


We Import Your Data —
No DB Connections Required

We input your data right in the product, so there’s no complicated back-end database connections.


Invite Your Team Via Email

Your employees confirm via email that their setup looks right… And you’re done!

Want to Look
Under The Hood?

You can read the nitty-gritty technical details of our identity management, device management, and password management products below.

Want to Look<br />Under The Hood?
★★★★★ It's the first employee management system I've used that truly has everything in one place, from HR to IT. Getting someone up and running at our company now is so simple.
CEO, Givily

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